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  • Acupuncture 针灸
  • Fate analysis 分析运气
  • Spiritual healing 神灵治疗
  • Spiritual blessing 神灵施福
  • Spiritual consultation 神灵咨询
  • Matrimonial harmony 婚姻调和
  • Improve good luck, fortune and prosperity
  • Providing talismans for spiritual protection
  • 2 thoughts on “Services

    1. chok says:

      can gv me few lucky number so that i can get a jackport in 4D??tis few month so bad luck,never hit the 4D,hope tis time god will hlp me and gv me some lucky tips..thank you so much

    2. Siva says:

      Hi Master,
      My name is Siva and i am from Buntong. Will they have Taoist medium this Sunday (19/06/2016). Thank you very much Sir.

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